Avance® Nerve Graft is an off-the-shelf processed human nerve allograft intended for the surgical repair of peripheral nerve discontinuities. Through a proprietary cleansing process for recovered human peripheral nerve tissue, the graft preserves the essential inherent structure of the ECM while cleansing away cellular and noncellular debris.

Avance® Nerve Graft provides the following key advantages:

  • Three dimensional scaffold for bridging a nerve gap

  • Decellularized and cleansed extracellular matrixthat remodels into patient’s own tissue

  • No donor nerve surgery, therefore no comorbidities associated with an additional surgical site

  • Available in a variety of lengths and diameters to meet a range of gap lengths and anatomical needs

  • Supplied sterile with three years shelf life (kept frozen at or below -40º C/F)


Axogen Nerve Products (2.38 MB)